Service Statistics

...to provide the highest quality of emergency medical care...

District Location:

Covers Northern 5/8 of Osage County and a small portion of Gasconade County.

Towns and Communities:

Osage Ambulance District serves the towns and communities of Linn, Westphalia, Chamois, Bonnots Mill, Loose Creek, Rich Fountain and Frankenstein.

District Area:

535 square miles

Governing Body:

6 Member Board of Directors elected by the citizens of the district.

Population Served:

Approximately 10,000

Area Makeup:

  • Rural areas
  • Farming Community
  • Small Towns and Communities
  • State Technical College of Missouri – Linn Campus

Type of Service:

Emergency, Non-Emergency, Scheduled Transfers, Event Stand-by

Number of Units:

3 full time ALS (Advanced Life Support) Units. Plus 2 back up units.


  • District Headquarters – 119 South Highway 89 in Linn
  • Base 2 – 59 Mari Osa Delta Lane near the Highway 50 & 63 Junction


Dispatching services are provided by Osage County Emergency Management Agency / 911