To maintain a solid financial basis, we have adopted a firm but fair policy for the collection of our patient’s accounts.

Billing Policy

In order to keep our commitment to you as stated in our Mission Statement: “To provide the most efficient, compassionate medical care, emergency and non-emergency transportation for the sick and injured residents of the Osage Ambulance District as well as those individuals who visit/pass through our service area”, we must maintain a solid financial basis in order to continue offering the high standard of service to which the citizens have become accustomed. To maintain a solid financial basis, we have adopted a firm but fair policy for the collection of our patient’s accounts.

Billing Practices

The district EMTs and paramedics will attempt to record the name and address of your health, vehicle and/or liability insurance company. The district will attempt to bill your insurance company directly rather than sending you a bill to forward to your insurance company.

If we are unable to obtain the necessary insurance information, you will receive a letter in the mail along with a bill. If you have insurance information, you should notify us in writing or by calling us with the necessary insurance information and we will gladly submit the claim to your insurance company.

Any and all questions regarding charges, insurance coverage and billing issues should be directed to the Osage Ambulance District administrative office. Patients, guardians and/or family members may contact our billing office by calling 573-897-0044. The billing staff is available at our office to answer questions regarding patient bills for the treatment and transportation of yourself and/or your family Monday through Friday 8AM to 5 PM.

The Osage Ambulance District does not engage in the collection for services at the scene, while en route to the hospital or upon delivery of the patient at the hospital.

The Osage Ambulance District does participate in the Medicare and the Missouri Medicaid programs.

Following are the basic billing and collection policies of the Osage Ambulance District:

  • The Osage Ambulance District accepts assignment from the Medicare and the Missouri Medicaid programs.
  • The Osage Ambulance District will make every effort to bill and collect payment from the patient’s insurance company(ies) directly.
  • The Osage Ambulance District will not utilize threatening letters or similar collection tactics to collect payment for services rendered.
  • The primary focus of all billing messages and telephone contacts will be to secure the insurance information of the patient(s).
  • The Osage Ambulance District utilizes an outside collection agency only when efforts have failed in contacting the patient for insurance information, attempting to arrange for a plan of payment or the insurance company has failed to pay within a timely manner.
  • The Osage Ambulance District will address cases of financial hardship on an individual basis. Our only basic requirement of a patient with a financial hardship is that they contact our office and work with us cooperatively before their bill is sent to the outside collection agency.
  • Any patient who contacts our billing office and informs us that they have a financial hardship will be offered a payment plan to meet their individual needs.
  • Any request and determination of a financial hardship is considered on an individual base-by-case basis. We reserve the right to request documentation of the financial hardship that may include, but not be limited to, a letter from a third party, i.e. a social worker or a letter from the patient him or herself detailing the hardship.
  • All auto liability insurance claims will be billed to the auto insurance company prior to health insurance when available. Other injury liability claims (ie: falls) are billed to private health insurance or patient.

It is the policy of the Osage Ambulance District to make it as easy for you as we can regarding the billing process. The more insurance information that you can give us as quickly as possible, the easier this process should be.