About Osage Ambulance District

Our vision and values

We at Osage Ambulance District pride ourselves in being a clinically sophisticated and progressive service. The implementation of numerous clinical initiatives, including multi-lead ECG interpretation for the purpose of Cardiac Catheterization Lab activation from the field, Rapid Sequence Intubation, and one of the most comprehensive medication formularies in the state have resulted in tangible improvements to the care we deliver to our community. In addition to these initiatives, we are proud to have ICU capable ventilators, medication infusion pumps, video laryngoscopes, mechanical CPR devices and many other valuable pieces of equipment on our ambulance. We are proud to offer Critical Care Transport services, provided by our Critical Care Transport Paramedics, in addition to the traditional Advanced Life Support services, most often thought of when you see an ambulance.

Our leadership team consists of the Chief of EMS three shift supervisors who lead the day to day operations of each crew. The administrative office is staffed by the Office Manager who also performs all the District billing. The field staff consists of approximately 40 clinicians who staff 3 Advanced Life Support ambulances, every day.

In today’s age of overwhelmed hospital emergency departments, we consider ourselves “pre-hospital clinicians” who just happen to provide emergency care outside of the hospital; in our community. We specialize in operating and delivering services at the critical juncture of public health and public safety.

Our mission has extended beyond emergency medical response. Osage Ambulance District has been actively involved in FEMA Deployments to help out our neighbors locally and nationally wherever help is needed. We also provide public information, injury prevention and education opportunities to keep our community safe.

In addition to the services we provide to the individuals in the community, we also provide clinical oversight to several fire departments who function as emergency medical responders under our medical direction. We furthermore provide clinical oversight to public access defibrillation sites throughout our district.

Our Mission is to provide emergency and non-emergency care and transport of the sick and injured by competent and caring team members, to reduce morbidity and mortality, and to improve patient outcomes to the citizens and visitors of Osage Ambulance District. We are committed to providing quality patient care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.